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Issued by Darchula Tinkar Road Project
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Government of Nepal Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Department of Roads Darchula Tinkar Road Project Invitation for Bids (Notice Number: DTRP/072/73/02) (Date of first publication 2072/10/11) 1. The Darchula Tinkar Road Project Office invites sealed bids from duly registered eligible national bidders for the following works. Contract Numbers Description and Location of work Fee for Bid Document (NRs.) Bid Security Amount Bid Security Validity Period in days (from the last date of bid submission) DTRP/3373204/072/73/001(RE) Construction of Pre-stressed Concrete Bridge Over Laskugad Khola in Mahakali Highway(Darchula Tinkar Road), Ch. 2+500 3000.00 1,100,000.00 120 days 2. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased from office of Darchula Tinkar Road Project, Khalanga, Darchula by eligible bidders on the submission of a written application attached with duly attested copies of Firm registration, Business registration firm, VAT registration all valid for FY 2072-73, Tax clearance certificate for FY 2071-72and upon payment of a non-refundable fee as quoted above, up to office hours of 11th Falgun, 2072 for all contracts. 3. For the purpose of Bidders who choose to submit their bid electronically through e-procurement section of DOR’s website, the Bidders may either purchase the hard copy of bidding documents or may choose to download the necessary part of bidding documents, prepare their bid and submit their electronic bids as specified in the Instructions to Bidders. In case the Bidder chooses to download and submit bid electronically, the Bidder shall be required to deposit the non-refundable fee and electronic scanned copy (*.pdf format) of the Bank deposit voucher shall also be submitted along with the electronic bid files. Hard copy of electronically bided documents must be submitted to office within 7 days of submission of bid otherwise bid security may be forfeited. Information to deposit the cost of bidding document in bank: Name of Office: Darchula Tinkar Road Project, Khalanga, Darchula Office Code No.: 72-337-07 Rajaswa khata no: 1-1-001, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Darchula Rajaswa shirshak no: 1-4-2-2-7, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Darchula 4. Bid security may be submitted as bank guarantee letter issued by any “A” class commercial bank approved by Government of Nepal, but the format of bid security must be the same as specified in the bidding document. Bid security shall be submitted in the format prescribed in bid document to be responsive bid.Bidders who choose to submit the Bid Security in the form of cash should submit the scan copy of the bank voucher for the required amount deposited in Account No. 4090203000000 at Rastriya Banijya Bank, Darchula. 5. Bids must be submitted to the Darchula Tinkar Road Project, Khalanga, Darchula; on or before 12:00 hours of 12th Falgun, 2072for all contracts. Documents received after this deadline shall not be accepted. Alternatively, Bidders may submit their bid electronically through e-procurement section in DOR website as specified in the Instructions to Bidders. Late bids will be rejected. 6. Bids will be opened at 13:00 hours of the bid submission day at the Darchula Tinkar Road Project, Khalanga, Darchula; in the presence of bidders~ authorized representatives who choose to attend but bidders presence is not mandatory. 7. If the last date of purchasing, submission and opening falls on a government holiday then the next working day shall be considered as the last day. 8. Bidders are advised to visit the site and assess the actual site conditions before submitting the bid. 9. Any conditions so far not covered shall be as per Public Procurement Act 2063, and Public Procurement Regulation 2064. 10. Any amendments in tender notice shall be published in e-procurement section of DoR’s website and in office notice board. 11. Eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at Darchula Tinkar Road Project, Khalanga, Darchula; or may visit e-procurement section of DOR’s website 12. The Employer reserves the right to accept or reject wholly or partly any or all the bids without assigning any reason, whatsoever. Project Manager
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